Write-On Writers’ Workshop

Write-On Writers’ Workshop

Write On Writer's Workshop
Write-On Writers’ Workshop 2015
Photo’s taken at Write-On Writers’ Guild Workshop October 2015


I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time, but life just got so busy for a good minute. Usually, after a certain length of time passes, I would just move onto the next idea. However, I had such a lovely time at the October 3 Write-On Writers’ Workshop that I needed to share it with my followers.

They did an amazing job of hosting this event! It was apparent that the main event coordinator, Sally Kinkade put a lot of time and energy into organizing this. Honestly, after meeting all of the staff, I really get a sense that this was more a project of love—giving writers a welcoming place to come and meet each other and learn something new about their craft.

The guest speakers were very knowledgeable, so much so, that I wished I could have sat through each of their mini-workshops.

The refreshments were kept stocked, and the beautiful multi-tiered snack tower (hand-crafted by a son of a staff member) was kept fully stocked.

All of the staff were very friendly and helpful. Not only did they go far out of their way to make sure that everyone had something to snack on or drink, they made sure everyone felt welcomed by moving around the room and talking to individuals that seemed too shy to strike up a conversation.

There were also cute little door prizes awarded at the end of the day.

All in all, I had such a great time that I hope if any other writers are from Northeast Ohio, or plan on visiting next fall, that they will attend this event in 2016.


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