My New Fountain Pen

My New Fountain Pen

I originally received this lovely deep blue fountain pen from my husband as a Christmas gift. I was totally stoked for about two minutes. In those two minutes I learned that I did not have all the necessary pieces of the equipment.

During the chaotic mess of holiday shopping, he failed to realize that this particular style of pen would need ink to function properly.

You would think that this would be easily accomplished by just heading over to amazon and ordering the ink cartridges (or ink to fill the empty tank that comes with it), but alas, this was not the case.

As tends to happen, life got busy after the holidays and buying ink cartridges got pushed to the back burner for months. Something else always came up or I kept forgetting to buy it. Being a mom, I am totally used to this. Besides, waiting makes everything ten-times more special. Right?!?

Finally, one day, we decided it was time to find ink for my pen. We searched everywhere to find a good deal, and finally settled on a twenty-five pack of pre-filled black ink cartridges.

Once ordered, we realized that it would take a few weeks to get to me as it was shipping from overseas. Again, I told myself it was worth the wait…

When the package finally arrived, I was so excited I could barely sit still. I yanked the envelope open, pulled out all the tiny white boxes, and slowly drew a slim clear-plastic tube out.

Too anxious to wait, I pulled the pen apart and put the new one on right away. The cartridge snapped firmly right onto the nub leading to the tip. I reached for the back cover and began to attach it to the front piece. But, I could not get it on properly.

I kept twisting, but to no avail, it would not screw on right. I could only get it to hang on by the first few threads, and it stayed cocked to the side at a strange angle.

Apparently, somewhere between the translation from English to Chinese, we must have misunderstood the product we purchased…

Upon further inspection, I realized that though the tank sent with the pen is wider at the base and longer, the pre-filled tank that we bought is too wide at the top (as it did not narrow the way the original did).

My husband, feeling terrible about the mix up after waiting so long, suggested we go order new ones that fit properly.  But, I have 24-1/2 ink cartridges to kill, and I just can’t bring myself to throw away any type of office supply that still has use—especially ink for a pen. (I have a growing collection of empty ink pen shells. I tend to use up all the ink in a pen within a month or two)

So, I’ll sit here with my pen balancing precariously along the threads, trying hard not to strip any of them, and just enjoy the gentle scratch of the tip against the paper as I learn to write with this awesome and interesting new toy.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck in deed! I know the feeling. My wife ordered us a doorbell. When we got it she asked me to install it so that we would have a way of knowing when something came in the mail or when company had arrived. Like knocking on the door was something they could not figure out. Anyways, I opened up the package, installed the batteries and for some reason the back would not close up properly. Looking at the instruction and the battery size everything should work. NOPE! Even though the instructions and device both stated ‘AA’ batteries required, it actually took ‘AAA’ batteries to work properly. Now who made this mistake?

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement on my current writing tool predicament. I do love the pen and as long as I take it easy, it works just fine. There is no reason to throw away 25 perfectly good, albeit too large, ink cartridges. I’m glad you decided to try a set of batteries that were a different size than the instructions requested. It was rather refreshing to learn that men ‘do’ read instructions—my husband has sworn for years this is not the case! I will be sure to share this post with him to correct his way of thinking.

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