Finding My Place In the World (Or, At Least in a Book Store)

Finding My Place In the World (Or, At Least in a Book Store)

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary by going out to dinner and a movie. We decided to go out of town and headed North, in search of bigger and better.

At least, that was what I said to convince him to driving until we landed smack-dab in the middle of Canton, OH. 

We figured it would be fun to try out a new cinema for a movie that we both wanted to see. (Both the cinema and the movie were good; ‘Score!’)

We had a bit of time before the movie, so we decided to park at a large shopping plaza, and look around and see what treasures we could find. As a true tinkerer and a tech-geek, my husband’s eyes automatically zeroed in on the home improvement and the computer store.

But me, my eyes longingly gazed toward a ginormous book store, with shelf after shelf of marked down books sitting right outside, begging to be picked up, flipped over and have their summary’s read by someone who appreciates each and every single letter printed on the cover…

I was fully prepared to relinquish any and all claims to pre-film activities. Yes, I really did want to take a peek around, but I have been having a great couple of weeks and I wanted my husband to enjoy his time off.

So, it was to my surprise when he insisted that we go to the bookstore. (Yes, he did catch me staring wistfully towards it—but, that’s not what matters!)

The very first thing I did after grabbing a few books off of the clearance rack, went into the store and start looking for more books. But as I searched in my favorite sections (YA, NA, Teen, Adult Paranormal and Fantasy), I kept a weathered eye out for ‘My Spot’.

You know, the place that will one day be home to my books. Where my little book-babies will reside, and hopefully play nice with all of the other stories.

Since I write stories in many different genres, and the sections seemed to be set up pretty wonky, so it turned out to be quite an exciting adventure. The entire time, my husband just watched me—chuckling and shaking his head at my antics—as I moved up and down the isles enthusiastically.

In the end, we spent so much time in the bookstore that we were forced to race to the theater—just barely making it in time for the opening scene of the movie. Luckily, my husband didn’t get too upset about running behind. (I’m so lucky!)

It might sound weird, but these are the type of things that excite me—the things that help inspire my writing. I constantly force myself to be aware of even the tiniest shred of joy, excitement or enthusiasm in everyday life.  Once it’s found, I hold onto it and keep it safely tucked away until it is time to pull it out to begin the arduous task of trying to recreate the feelings on paper. Writing and then rewriting the emotions I felt until I can transfer what I’m feeling onto someone else.

***Note: I don’t try to hold onto the bad stuff that happens. It’s easier for me to tune into those emotions because I think we are hard-wired to remember and learn from emotional/physical pain as a survival technique.***

With all the negativity in the world today, I hope that I am not the only one that does this… Hold tightly to the good things that happen in life—no matter how small—and try not to focus so much on the bad, other than to learn the lessons that the experience is trying to teach you.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are! Do you feel that directing your attention toward positive thoughts helps you in your daily life? Or do you find that keeping less-than-desirable-events fresh in your memory helps you? Why or why not?

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