Author: Alyssa Mayley

Alyssa Mayley is an award-winning freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest Online, Tuscarawas County Bargain Hunter, and her short story CAUGHT IN TERROR won first-place in the 2015 Wayne College Regional Writing Awards.

Alyssa is currently preparing for the launch of her children’s picture book WHITE ELEPHANT SURPRISE and has been asked to participate in two forthcoming anthologies.

Alyssa grew up in the small town of Brilliant, Ohio. After a few years of traveling the U.S., she once again finds herself in another small Ohio town with her husband, three children, and two cats.

NaNoWriMo, Writing Groups, and Writing Competitions — Oh My!

NaNoWriMo, Writing Groups, and Writing Competitions — Oh My!

A quick question. How busy is your November?

Mine is expected to be insanely hectic. But for some reason, I thrive on that kind of chaos this time of year. As a matter of fact, this time of year is not only the busiest; it’s also my most productive month(s) all year long.

Every fall, I get an overwhelming urge to get something new out there. It’s always the same thing. First, comes the “I need to publish this manuscript.” What will it take to prep it for publication? The realization that none of my stories will be ready by the end of the year cripples my enthusiasm for a minute. So, I just keep plodding along as I did before the urge struck. Without realizing it, a new story slowly creeps in.

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NYC Midnight Round Two Winner!!!

NYC Midnight Round Two Winner!!!

The results are in…

Second Round I landed fourth place in Group 4 (Round 1 & 2 my combined score put me in third place for group four) which means I’m moving on to Round 3 in the #flashficitonchallenge 2016 NYC Midnight (International) Writing Competition. Now, it’s time to prep for the next round this coming weekend. I’ll be given a genre, setting and an item, 1,000-word limit to complete and submit within 48 hours.

I know not everyone could advance, but I applaud all who were brave enough to participate in this insane writing challenge.

Keep Writing!!

Weekly Writers

Weekly Writers

As requested by one of our guild members, we are starting a new (general purpose) writing group. We plan to meet every week and are still ironing out all the details.

Monday was our first meeting at the Daily Grind Cafe in New Philadelphia, Ohio. We had a great time talking about our Works-in-Progress, sharing advice, encouragement and industry tips.

Anyone is welcome to attend — even if you’re not a guild member. If you would like more information, feel free to send me an email, or watch my feed on Facebook for any up-and-coming meetings and announcements.

Coshocton Write-On Writers Workshop 2016

Coshocton Write-On Writers Workshop 2016

In early October, I volunteered to help with the Write-On Writers Workshop. I was excited to be able to help this lovely group of people with this year’s event. My job was to run the registration table, share a short piece of my work and help with anything that needed attention. Here are a few photos of the day.

To read more on the Workshop, click below. 


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Story Critiques at Writers’ Guild this Month

Story Critiques at Writers’ Guild this Month

Join the Tuscarawas County Writers’ Guild for an evening as they celebrate the start of a New Year by sharing stories, critiques and conversation on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Anyone may bring one of their stories of up to five pages, to be critiqued by the rest of the group. It can be a piece that is currently a work-in-progress, and the writer is looking for direction, a story that just needs a little cleaning up, or a full-on, detailed edit ready for submission.

In return, each guest will have the chance to critique other stories.

Over the years, this technique has proven to help members catch errors they would have otherwise overlooked, and it also tends to improve a writer’s description, prose and flow.

To ensure there are enough copies for everyone, please bring 5-10 copies to pass out.

All guests are also invited to bring up to 1000 word story to read to the group following the January writing prompt:

‘You wake up on New Year’s Day to find it is not 2016, but the year __?___. Worse yet, you recognize it as the worst year of your life, and you’re being force to re-live it again and again until you get it right.’

The Tuscarawas County Writers’ Guild is an informal writing group open to the public and meets at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at the Center for the Arts, 461 Robinson Drive Southeast, New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Established in 2003, TCWG offers a variety of writing workshops, guest speakers and critiquing sessions for its members. The guild recognizes all genres and skill levels.

Membership is $15 per year, but visitors are welcome to attend two sessions at no cost.

Refreshments will be served.

For more information call 330-827-8514 or visit them on Facebook.


Low-cost options available for pet owners to spay, neuter

Low-cost options available for pet owners to spay, neuter

Spook Under Desk by Charles HubbardPrinted in Tuscarawas County Bargain Hunter
Published: January 6, 2016
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To help lower the numbers of stray cats and dogs throughout the county, the Tuscarawas County Humane Society, Rascal Unit and Spay Neuter Assistance Program of Northeast Ohio are providing low-cost feline and dog sterilization services at participating locations throughout the area.

To sterilize a pet, it can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly. The average cost of cat and dog spay or neuter starts around $100 and can climb up into the hundreds of dollars, but it’s an important issue every owner should keep in mind during the purchase of a new pet.

“Spay and neutering your pets would help with wandering animals,” Lindsey Lewis, TCHS shelter director said. “The number one problem in this area with strays is overpopulation, especially for cats.”

Once every two or three months, TCHS sponsors a visit from the mobile Rascal Unit out of Dublin, Ohio, to provide sterilization for pets at reduced prices.

The Rascal Unit is equipped with a surgical table, anesthesia machine, and any other medical devices and supplies needed to perform pet sterilization. During their visit they perform up to 30 surgeries, and are also able to provide vaccinations.

To be eligible, the client must be a resident and pay a $35 deposit to set the appointment. This service is not income-based and appointment slots tend to fill quickly.

The next Rascal Unit will visit March 12, and TCHS will begin taking appointments in February.

“If someone is looking to buy a pet, they need to look into everything that comes with that,” Lewis said. “That’s why rescuing through the humane society is nice because the animals are already neutered or spayed before they are adopted.”

To find more information on prices, other TCHS programs or how to adopt a shelter animal, visit its website or call 330-343-6060.

If you miss your chance to book an appointment with the Rascal Unit, there are still other opportunities to spay or neuter your pets at a lower cost.

SNAP NE Ohio is an income-based program, but it provides the same type of low-cost sterilization for both dogs and cats. Each client will need to provide proof of eligibility to receive the reduced price of the services.

For feline services, the cost is $50 to spay and $40 to neuter and the owner must provide a copy of shot records. To use SNAP, contact one of the following four veterinarians: Soehnlen Veterinary Clinic in Navarre, 330-484-5297; Red Star Veterinary Clinic in East Canton, 330-871-8013; Hometown Veterinary Services in Canton, 330-305-6500; or Minerva Veterinary Clinic in Minerva, 330-863-6740.

The owner will need to get the paperwork filled out and bring it with them on the day of the surgery. The SNAP discount will not be applied if the paperwork is missing on the day of the surgery.

Shots are available at the time of the surgery for an extra fee, and clients may have an additional charge for a cat that is pregnant or in heat.

For dog services, contact Dr. David Soehnlen in Navarre, 330-484-7898.

Size of the animal determines the price of the procedure. Female dogs from 1 to 100 pounds will cost between $55 and $90, and male dogs from 1 to 100 pounds cost between $45 through $85.

“It’s really important for everyone to spay and neuter because they think, ‘I keep my dog inside, so it can never happen,’ but it can get loose and then there can be an accidental litter,” Madi Vanfossen, kennel tech at TCHS said. “A lot of people don’t think about it, but it happens more than what you would think.”

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Annual Writers Guild Christmas Party

Annual Writers Guild Christmas Party

Eric McElroy Reporting   The Tuscarawas County Writers Guild is celebrating the holiday season by hosting their Christmas party tonight at 6:00 PM. There will be several writing based games and food. Publicity Chairman for the TCWG Alyssa Mayley describes […]

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27th annual photography contest and showcase

27th annual photography contest and showcase

Alyssa Mayley Photography CameraPrints are being accepted until 6 p.m. today, Jan. 2, 2016.

For those individuals that wish to view the entries, all photos will be displayed for public viewing at Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts throughout the month of January, and most prints will be available for purchase.

Good luck to all the photographers which entered!!!

And no, I did not enter this year. There’s always next year….

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