Alyssa Mayley


A warm welcome to all of my fellow story lovers!

As a young child, I loved words. The Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein only helped me fall farther into an obsession with reading. When I was eleven, I picked up my first full-length novel and realized that novels below 300 pages just wasn’t cutting it anymore. As a fast reader, I found the more words I had to explore, the more I enjoyed my time in the story (as long as it was told well). You could count on me to be the type of girl that always carried a book around in my purse, book bag or pocket, as long as it was big enough. Yes, I did get ‘a lot’ of questioning stares, but I couldn’t help myself. At any free moment, I would crack it open just to read a few more sentences.

It was years before I picked up another YA novel, and was reminded why I enjoyed reading in that genre in the first place. Action, adventure, friendships, and the mystical elements of fantasy and magic which I never really outgrew.

I would never have imagined how something I loved so much, could end up directing me into such an exciting career!

Even though I have not posted in awhile, I’ve been keeping busy with other writing projects: a children’s picture book, editing novels, writing articles, short stories, poems and exploring new freelancing opportunities.

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