A Program to Boost Networking Skills for Writers

A Program to Boost Networking Skills for Writers


If you are a writer and struggling with ways to improve your networking skills—especially with social networking—then I would suggest giving this free challenge a try. After using it and really putting effort into learning from the program, I have seen so much improvement to my own interactions, both online and offline, and a bigger outpouring of expressed happiness from my followers.

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I’ve been on Twitter for almost two years now, and up until October, I was terrified of what to write in 140 characters, and overwhelmed with figuring out what sort of relevant content to post in order to gain more than my meager handful of less than 100 followers. Not only for the numbers, but to give people a reason to want to stop by my little corner of the net.

In October, I found Robert and his free 30 day Platform Challenge, which forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and start conversing with people on different social media sites and blogs to find ways to make new connections, improve social media-time management, and how to just be a little more comfortable putting myself out there.

Yesterday, I hit over 1,000 followers on Twitter, and it’s all because I learned to not be intimidated by saying hello to a stranger on the internet while remaining genuine in ALL of my online exchanges.

It starts right here by following this link:

The link will take you to Day one, and you just preform each challenge item and then move to the next. Keep in mind the reward date has passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still leave a comment on each post and begin to get more comfortable with interacting online.

In the end, I decided not make Twitter about my audience and gave it to myself—to fill with all of the things that I loved floating around on the web. Even after I put out my books I want to keep Twitter as the place where I go to find inspiration, and ideas for new stories, and not focus on sell, sell, sell. Although this technique is not exactly what Robert advised, the lessons I learned from him about genuine exchanges have played a huge role in putting myself out there on all sites and have also helped boost my confidence with interpersonal skill in my daily interactions, and the impact of those lessons will continue to play a role and benefit me throughout the rest of my career.

I just wanted to share my excitement with you all since I know many writers which are struggling with either being comfortable posting to social media or just communicating in general.

**I have no affiliation to Robert Lee Brewer, Writer’s Digest or the #platchal (Platform Challenge), but I love to share information on programs—especially free ones—that can help writers succeed.**

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