A Program to Boost Networking Skills for Writers


If you are a writer and struggling with ways to improve your networking skills—especially with social networking—then I would suggest giving this free challenge a try. After using it and really putting effort into learning from the program, I have seen so much improvement to my own interactions, both online and offline, and a bigger outpouring of expressed happiness from my followers.

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Alyssa Mayley

December Update

So, after my husband decided my website was too bare and went on a full-fledged attack to change every-little-thing—I’ve finally reclaimed my precious (still pretty bare) website and intend to spend a little time showing it some much needed TLC this week. Wish me luck!!

And in an attempt to prevent future advances I’m considering rearranging everything on his desk and in each drawer, possibly even building a Christmas scene with his tools and sewing little dresses for them…

I promise I really was just a little too busy with projects over the last few weeks, and I’m really hoping my progress continues well into the new year. Here is a quick run-down of some of them.