Month: May 2015

1st Place Short Story Fiction Win: Caught In Terror

1st Place Short Story Fiction Win: Caught In Terror

Caught In Terror Black and White

By Alyssa Mayley

(Writing as Alyssa Casto)

CAUGHT IN TERROR published in 2014-2015 Wayne College Regional Writing Awards Booklet

It should have been my favorite time of day, but he had taken that from me. That foul man had taken so much from me in such a short amount of time. Two months ago, I was just a normal person with normal problems. Now, the morning sun brought on the war that I was forced to wage every single day.

I took another sip of my freshly brewed coffee, as I listened to the deafening silence that filled the inside of my tiny one-bedroom apartment. Even though it was completely quiet in the complex—just outside—the city was already bustling as everyone got a start on their day.

I tried to dispel my worries and—for once—just enjoy the dawning of a new day. But, a nearby car door slammed loudly, causing me to jump and let out a small strangled scream.

I was tired of living in a constant state of fear. I battled hard to calm my overworked nerves.

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